Are capital markets still functioning? Covid19 – The Great Reset. (ENGLISH)

The “Great reset” is not a conspiracy theory (as advocated by some on social media) but documents a world in change and the need to take action. 

As managers, business owners, it is our job to understand these changes, conclude on drivers that will impact our businesses, decide which projects to invest in, how to manage the risk, stay competitive and most of all remain solvent, liquid, and boost profitability.    

In this seminar, we discuss:

  • What is the Great Reset?
  • The implications for the future and our companies.
  • Move from reactive crisis management to proactive Enterprise-Wide Risk management. 
  • Which business skills to develop and which policies to implement. 

Source of Reference:

  • COVID-19 The Great Reset – 2020 World Economic Forum (Thierry Malleret Thierry & Klaus Schwab)
  • Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab founder and chairman of the world Economic forum.
  • The Age of Surveillance Capitalism – Shoshana Zuboff – Harvard Business School